Shark started airing dark and darker story line of your typical revenge dramas. What made this special is that Kim Nam Gil acts as the main protagonist of this drama. He’s been into such roles and we can really say that revenge plots are made for him. His eyes can act a thousand emotions in a split second.

Hope against hope this drama catches up on the ratings game. It has always been the top-rated dramas that had nominations on Korean TV stations drama awards.

Should it had good ratings, I bet him to grab the best actor award on December. *prayingSOhard


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“Sharks don’t have swim bladders. In order to stay alive they must constantly be on the move. If they stop, ...they die”

“Shark”/”Don’t Look Back” pilot episode tonight 27May2013 at KBS2TV.
Kim Nam Gil’s comeback drama after his military discharge, his last appearance July 2010 in the drama Bad Guy.
Son Ye Jin’s has not been casted in any drama for the last 3 years. She preferred doing movies and now decided to take on the role of the female lead. Her last drama’s Personal Taste.
I’m gonna love this drama mainly for this 3 reasons :
1. I love Kim Nam Gil…
2. Kim Nam Gil’s sad eyes acts perfectly on a melodrama revenge stories
3. Son Ye Jin had a great chemistry with Kim Nam Gil

Appa KNG, Fighting!!!

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I started loving him when I first saw a glimpse of him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as Moon Jae Shin — second lead male that I shipped till the end of the drama.
Moon Jae Shin charater had me under his spell — a witty scholar though he never really takes his studies seriously, bad-ass kicking man-in-a-mask –how I love his stunts– and his untamed hair! *fangirling*
Now he’s back as the King in Jang Ok Jung : Live in Love drama. And I am totally backed within his spell. His Majesty Lee Soon — how I love thee!
But I am not really a fan of his modern look though. It just doesn’t fit for him. ^_^
Check out his sageuk photos below.

SungKyunKwan Scandal : Moon Jae Shin





Jang Ok Jung : LIve in Love : His Majesty Lee Soon






Cheos sarang, korean term for First Love == Kang Tae bong from Dal Ja’s Spring

Love Lee Min Ki’s portrayal of the character Kang Tae bong, he’s ubercute! I’ve seen him as Philip while watching Dal Ja’s Spring in Philippine TV broadcast. His character shows all the qualities a woman of all ages wanted her guy to be : badguy look, still young yet mature, understanding, has his cute and lovable ways, talks less, has a mysterious effect, has his own principles, from a well-off household and is a lawyer and one hot-blooded male… anything else you could ask for?

Dal Ja’s Spring is one of the dramas I wouldn’t get tired of watching. Have watched it for how many times already but it never fails to make me giggle every single time. A drama worth watching and is on top of my all-time favorites. Ratings : 9.5/10

Kim Nam Gil has never failed my expectations when it comes to his fashion on red carpet events. Here are some of his pics that actually made me drool. c” )

October 2012 : Post-army comeback appearance on 17th Busan International Film Festival where he attends as Ensemble movie producer and not as an actor. *impressive eh?


Bright dangerous smile reminds me of Shim Gun Wook of Bad Guy.

March 2010 : 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

Kim Nam Gil won the Best New Actor award? for his portrayal of Bidam in MBC Queen Seon Deok 2009, but he is nOt a newcomer in the industry. Nevertheless, he looks rawrrr hot on his attire.



Kyaaahh! It would be my greatest dream team-up ever in my Korean world if these two collaborate on a sageuk Korean drama. My Bidam – Kim Nam Gil and Damo Chae Ok – Ha Ji Won would make a great pair. Can’t imagine how good it might be. *fangirling*

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The KiNG is back!

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Wookie pics

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LOVE So Divine

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Love, So Divine is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Ha Ji-won and Kwon Sang-woo, and the directorial debut of Heo In-moo. Released in Korea on August 6, 2004, the film sold over 1.2 million tickets nationwide.

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After getting into trouble at their seminary, seminarians Gyu-shik and Seon-dal are sent into the country for a month of service under the elderly Father Nam. Upon their arrival, Gyu-shik meets Father Nam’s niece, Bong-hie, who has flown across from the United States to see her boyfriend. However, when her boyfriend ends their relationship, Bong-hie finds herself stranded at her uncle’s church with nowhere else to go. At first she and Gyu-shik struggle to get along, but eventually they become attracted to one another, and Gyu-shik is forced to question his commitment to the priesthood.

Ratings : Highly Recommended (Very nice movie, worth watching. You’ll wish to have a Gyu-shik type of seminarian to be your hubby.)

Genre : Rom-com

Trailer :

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Innocent steps

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Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정, Daenseo-ui sunjeong; literally “Dancer’s Innocent Love”) is a 2005 South Korean film written and directed by Park Young-hoon. The theme of this movie is “Success can not bring you happiness if the one you love is far away”.

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Young-sae was once acclaimed as the most-promising dancer. Losing his partner and lover, he lost his enthusiasm in sports dancing for two years. Now, he decides to make a comeback at the Championships held in Seoul three months later. His new partner is a girl names Chae-min who lives in China and won in a dance contest.

It is then discovered that Chae-ryn has come in place of her sister and she knows nothing about dancing! Young-sae wants to send her back at first. When he sees Chae-ryn’s determination to become a dancer, he starts to train her with the hardest lessons. Step by step, their dancing starts to sparkle, so as their relationship.

Ratings : Highly Recommended (Moon Geun Young really knows how to dance, just name it!)

Genre : Rom-com

Trailer :

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